Solutions for wine traceability and anti-counterfeit

South Australia is a very important wine producing state responsible for almost 50% of Australia’s annual production. It is also home to some of the most famous regions, historic estates and the oldest vines in the country. But wine fraud becomes an increasing serious problem especially the very top of the wine market.

Wine Anti-counterfeit

According to estimates, counterfeit wine affects up to 20 per cent of the global $350 billion wine industry. Currently, Digital ID (RFID, Bar/QR code) and Electronic Product Code global (EPC global) are widely used in the wine supply chain traceability. However, none of these existing technologies can completely solve the counterfeiting problem. Our solution is deploying texture capture devices in the production lines of the filler to capture the cork image, extract the texture vector and upload it to the cloud. Each bottle of wine has a unique ID (eg. QR code) and corresponding texture vector. Customers use their smart phones to take a picture of the cork and verify its authenticity when opening the bottle.

The texture of the cork, which is the nature texture of the cork combined with the pressure affect during the seal, is used to solve the counterfeiting problem. These distinguishable textures will be embedded into a multi-dimension vector using AI algorithm for fast similarity verification and retrieval.1)Each cork has unique texture and is hard to duplicate.2)The cork is totally destroyed when opening the bottle, and can not be recycled.3)No additional component attached to the wine bottle.4)The customers could easily verify the authenticity with their smart phone only by taking a picture.

Wine Traceability

One application of Artificial intelligence is to let "trust” run through the whole chain. In wine industry, only need one web camera, the important moments captured from vineyard, wine factory , cellar, and bottling, reflecting the quality of wine can be recorded. More importantly, all these recording can be automatically edited by AI. 20s video auto-clipping to show the lifecycle for every wine boost customer trust.

Under the circumstance that all wine labels and descriptions are almost the same, this new brand technology will give users a whole new experience. The consumers  use the mobile phone to scans the QR code on the wine bottle, and will be able to see how this batch of wine is taken out from the winery and how it is bottling and so on. This information is unique and a reflection of the real physical world into the digital world. These video clips will become the guarantee of the quality of each bottle wine. If the winery can’t wait to release these videos after the wine in market, our platform can fully satisfy the timely video generation and timely video release during the whole life-cycle of the wine. These video materials can be used on the winery’s website, social media, and any press releases and exhibition. It can even be used to sell custom wine to the big customers during the wine is still in the barrels.

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