Camp Courses

We have multiple robots which can all be coded with mBlock, which uses drag and drop coding to help you acquire the fundamentals of coding, computational and logical thinking and enhancing your problem solving and innovative abilities. The mBlock application can also be used without the robots to design games, produce animations and more. Drag and drop coding removes all typing and syntax from coding which allows kids to enjoy coding in a fun, play based learning environment to jump-start their journey into the world of coding.

Neuron Program

Our neuron program is designed for young inventors aged 3-6, and makes use of 'neuron' which consists of magnetic blocks each with a different function. These blocks can be combined in multiple ways allowing kids to explore their own designs and inventions.

The program aims to introduce young kids into the world of robotics and programming by teaching them the basics of programming, coding and robotics. They will be able  to build their own gadgets as well as come up with alterations and improvements which will allow them to use their own resourcefulness and creativity to come up with their very own solutions.

In the neuron program kids will be able to build their own:

        • Traffic light
        • Pen holder
        • Gravity sensor
        • Fruit Piano
        • Study lamp
        • Or anything they can imagine!

Codey Rocky Program

The Codey Rocky program is designed for inventors aged 6 - 12 using the Codey Rocky robot. Codey has many functions and sensory devices allowing students to delve deeper into the world of robotics and expand their creativity and problem solving skills.

The program aims to create a strong coding and programming foundation for students and build upon it to help them grasp the various concepts involved. The concepts will be taught in the form of fun projects that will allow students to fully explore and understand Codey's functions and capabilities.

Students will be able to code Codey Rocky as a:

        • Pet
        • Race Car
        • Video Game
        • Patrol Robot
        • Obstacle Detector
        • Anything else they can imagine!

mBot Program

The mBot program is a more advanced course designed for students aged 12 - 18 which makes use of the mBot. The mBot has a larger variety of functions and components than Codey, allowing students to become better acquainted with robotics and electronics as well as diversify their coding and programming knowledge.

The program aims to help students expand their knowledge of programming and coding even further, while also introducing them to the hardware involved in the field of robotics and electronics.  Students will have a hands-on experience with all the components of the mBot and be able to program the mBot.

Students will be able to code mBot as a:

        • Voice controlled car
        • Video Game
        • Polling Station
        • Dancing and Singing Robot
        • Line Following Robot
        • Anything else they can imagine!