STEM Education

We have multiple courses available for teachers and students of all ages. For students we have a weekly standard course, and a holiday camp course. The standard course is split into 4 levels, with each level building upon the previous, and is held on weekends or after school. The camp course is held over the school holidays and consists of 10 full day classes. For teachers we have workshops designed to boost teacher confidence and capabilities within the field of programming and robotics.

Our standard course is divided into 4 levels, each consisting of 20 lessons lasting approximately 60-90 minutes. In each class students will learn coding and programming theory which will then be put into practice, allowing them to fully grasp and have a deeper understanding of programming as well as develop their logical and computational thinking.

Our camp course is an extremely flexible and can be fully customised to your specific needs! It can be a fun introduction into the world of robotics for younger students to develop an interest in coding and programming, or an intensive boot camp for more advanced coders to challenge themselves and further their programming career.

For teachers we have workshops designed to further their knowledge of coding and programming. The workshops will allow teachers to improve their logical and computational thinking which will allow them to nurture the young innovators of the future. Workshops will be run over the course of a few days.

Our AI Course will cover various important topics in the field such as supervised learning machines, neural networks, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and many more. This course is tailored towards older students as many of the concepts in AI require a strong foundation in more complex mathematics.

If you have any questions regarding our many courses, please feel free to contact us!